Monday, 12 August 2013

How To Feel Good About Burning Fat and Keeping Muscle
How To Feel Good About Burning Fat and Keeping Muscle
There are a few very fascinating ways in which the body reacts to various things when it comes to keeping muscle mass and losing fat. For example, a few people believe that eliminating all of their fat intake is needed, so they just eat fat free foods. All of a sudden the amount of fat they eat drops.

Your body will hoard fat by doing this which is a problem. Your body will try very hard to protect all of the fat that it has, which is not the aim of what we want to do. Your body must take in a certain amount of daily fat, so you shouldn't reduce it by an extreme amount. Below are some more useful tips on how to burn fat but not muscle.

Lowering your calories so that there's a deficit in them is what you want to do. You can do this with effectiveness, however do not lower your daily intake of protein and fat. Indeed, we will be reducing your intake of carbohydrates.

However totally removing them from your diet isn't needed. Another good reason to not totally disregard carbs is that getting your daily calories would be a rather difficult task with just protein and fat. You would be pleasantly surprised to see how fast and easily you can drop your weight when you reduce your carb intake.

Our next suggestion is regarding keeping muscle mass whilst burning off fat. But you want to know that for around the initial 20 minutes into exercise your body will burn off glycogen stores, not fat stores. So, baring that in mind, doing twenty or so minutes of resistance work would be a good idea. Of course, initially you will want to do some warming up and stretches and then you can get onto the resistance training.

You can then do some cardio work which will be burning off fat stores, not glycogen. So try this for a good amount of time, then see how the results come along.

Here is a very past times but wise piece of information that has been around for ages. But rather surprisingly not a lot of people know too much about this, and it will most certainly alter the way you eat. Ensure you eat at a slow rate and chew all of your food thoroughly. There's a time lag of roughly twenty minutes between when you are full up and your brain is told that it is.

Therefore by eating quickly you will throw everything out of balance and you'll end up eating for more time than is needed. You can reduce the chance of getting indigestion by chewing your food thoroughly. And before the food gets into your stomach you will be able to start the process of digestion earlier as there are enzymes in your saliva.

We have had a look at a number of approaches you can take when it comes to keeping your muscle and burning fat. Every tip and suggestion works well, but learning to apply a bit of common sense is certainly wise.

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